Te Tino o Kaipara

Whiti Ora O Kaipara Charitable Trust

Type: Charitable Trust (T)  9429043113545 (NZBN) 1517773 (Company Number) - Registered 

Whiti Ora o Kaipara is a registered Charitable Trust. This means it is specifically set up to hold and protect assets for charitable purposes. Charitable purposes are to aid in the relief of poverty, the advancement of education or any other matter that is for public benefit.

There are four (4) Trustees appointed for a term of three (3) years by the Ngā Maunga Whakahii o Kaipara Development Trust Board 

Back Left to Right: Puawai, Brenda. Front Left to Right: Ngawai, Pauline.

Brenda Steele  (Reweti)  EMAIL Brenda 
Ngawai Beazley (Reweti)  EMAIL Ngawai 
Puawai Koopu (Araparera)​  EMAIL Puawai
Pauline Kingi (Independent) ​  EMAIL Pauline

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