Turanga Kaumātua

Our Turanga Kaumātua meet between 10am and 12pm every Thursday at Māranga Mai, 1 Rata Street, Te Awaroa.

The main objectives of this initiative are;

  • Whakawhanaungatanga
  • Manaakitanga
  • Individual Personal Development
  • Kaumātua Development in Reo & Tikanga Practices

This is the Programme for April 2018 (The set programme is subject to change and priority will be given to the immediate needs of the attending Kaumātua)

Whakaritea whakangungu/Activities 

  • Karakia
    • This is delivered by the Kaumātua who is leading for the day
    • Himene- Each month a different Himene is used to extend knowledge and use of reo
  • Whakahoahoahoa (Sharing)
  • Panui
    • Introductions and Pepeha.
    • New members are identified and paired up with more knowledgable Kaumātua who will assist both during Turanga Kaumātua days and outside of this environ
  • Ngahau:
    • Each session includes a period for Ngahau- This takes the form of a game or song.        
  • Akoranga mo te marama (learning for the month) - PEPEHA-
  • To look at the purpose of pepeha, starting from very basic  to more intricate formats-
    • An introduction the significance of awa, Maunga, waka, and Moana and how these terms identify the authentic relationship of people to these Tupuna Taonga
    • Each Kaumatua can identify themselves through the use of pepeha and also to explore any kiwaha that may arise as a result of learning exchange amongst the roopu

Whaiinga/Objective of this sequence of learning;

  • Will be able to recite their pepeha
  • Will understand the significance of their Tupuna Maunga, Awa, and the connection to the other 5 Marae in the Takiwā
  • Will have begun to explore the deeper meanings of karakia, pepeha, and Ngati Whātuatanga
  • Can identify their strengths and desired further learning outcomes
  • Have begun to identify learnings they may have grown up with that may have been dormant
  • Have identified another person that they can talk to and invite to the Turanga Kaumā​tua
  • Will report back on their outcomes via their own Pā​nui

The offsite event (on the last Thursday of the month) for this learning is a visit to Papakānui with a krero on the historic and arahaelogical significance from Greg Smith

During the month Kaumātua will be invited to attend and participate in events, hui and  training with Ngā Maunga Whakahii o Kaipara Kaimahi to help develop their understanding of the business and to practice their learned skills.


Nohoanga Kaumātua

Our Nohoanga Kaumātua is lead by elected representative Heta Tobin. The Nohoanga Kaumātua meet between 10am and 2pm once a quarter at Māranga Mai, 1 Rata Street, Te Awaroa.

The Nohoanga Kaumatua are self-selected members who are acknowledged as people with expertise in te reo ake me nga tikanga o Ngāti Whātua o Kaipara and have good standing within the 5 Marae.

The Nohoanga Kaumatua will consider any matters referred to it from the Ngā Maunga Whakahii o Kaipara Development Trust Board and will make recommendations to the Trustees which are recorded in the meeting minutes and reported back at the monthly Board Hui. The current Secretary is Dianne Clarke. See our events Calendar for hui dates. Copies of meeting minutes and templates will be uploaded soon.

All whānau are welcome to attend but only Nohoanga Kaumātua members may speak or vote at the hui. The next hui is SATURDAY 26 MAY 2018


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