Huanga - Member

Huānga - Member


Kaipara Card


Registered members are eligible to hold a Kaipara Card. The card gives the holder and associated children only, discounted access to a range of activities and services.

Cards are normally issued to members aged 18+ with associated children listed on the back of the card. Discounts only apply to people named on the card.

You must come into the office and have a photo taken OR provide a passport style photo for a card to be issued. You are also responsible for notifying the office with details of children that need to be added to your membership. Cards can take up to 14 working days to issue or update. Contact


Use your card at these places

50% off regular entry fee

Woodhill Mountain Bike Park   woodhill mountain bike park

Tree Adventures   tree adventures  

Polaris 4WD Park  polaris 4wd park

The Sandpit the sandpit     

Delta Force Paintball    delta force paintballing



60% off regular entry fee

 parakai springs


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